Custom Art Commissions


Custom Art Commissions

I am a trained, professional Fine Artist with over 40 years of experience. Since 1983, my work has been published in multiple news papers, magazines, brochures, books, galleries,  and more. 

My commissions are open beyond Spirit Portraits and paintings. Contact me with questions, comments, ideas, and we can discuss the next steps [email protected]

MURALS - email for consultation
I have completed many custom murals. In Port Arthur, TX, I was commissioned for a two-wall beach scene at a residence. In my garage, I began an original Trompe-l'œil Poseidon mural.

At Methodist Hospital in Dallas, TX, I painted eight dolphins under the ocean over four walls. Most recently, I completed an outdoor mural on two, long fences at a residence in Arlington, TX.

Custom Paintings/Drawings - email for consultation 

I have painted my entire life. I offer my services for non-Spiritual content as well. I can paint with oil, acrylic, watercolor, gauache, and draw with charcoal, pastels, graphite, pen/ink, and mixed-media. For example, in my thirties I recreated a Jean-Luc Bozzoli oil painting of a whale on 6'x7' canvas.

At 25, I painted whales from a famous Jaques-Yves Cousteau photograph, oil on canvas, 10'x8', stapled to the wall.

Other paintings of mine:
Oil on canvas, stapled to wall, 10'x8'

Oil on canvas, 40"x30"

Oil on canvas, 30"x30"

Recreation dedicated to my kids, oil on canvas, 36"x24"