About Mari


About Mari

“Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living things, we ourselves cannot find peace.”
-Albert Schweitzer

My first memory as a child is walking down the hallway to my parents' room, focused on the “people” inside the huge mirror attached to the dresser's top surface.

After sitting in front of the mirror, I tapped on the glass, and one of the ladies inside came to the mirror's barrier. I asked her if I could come inside and play, but she said…”it’s not your time.” I did not understand what she meant. That was before kindergarten started. After first grade, those spirits and many others began appearing outside of the mirror's barrier.

I’ve always seen spirits, I just never knew that would mean anything to anyone else until adulthood.
As a young child, watching my mom (a professional fine artist) and grandmother create beautiful oil paintings always fascinated me. Watching them squeeze the “glowing” colors come out of the tubes and be painted onto the canvas, each color flowed and had a pulse. As an adult, I learned I have synesthesia- I experience colors as living breathing things. When hearing music, I’ll see colors ebb and flow with the tempo and vibe of the music. Synesthesia causes one to experience more than one sense simultaneously.

Education and Careers
In 1983, I graduated college with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Advertising design and worked as an artist for many years. After struggling in the 1980s recession as an artist, I went back to college and earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and worked as an RN, in Trauma/Surgical ICU, ER and Ortho/Neuro.
I always saw spirits around my patients, and knew when they would pass on. I kept this to myself. Sometimes if had a free moment, I would draw my patient and all the souls around that patient and bring it home to share only with my husband. This was a way to relieve the stress of not being able to share this with my patients and their families.

When I retired as an RN, I wanted to continue to help people heal in an impactful way, so I auditioned to become a “reader” at a metaphysical shop in the DFW area. That was thirteen years ago.

How do readings work?
During a reading, I sit in front of the readee and sketch very quickly all the souls gathered around them and relay their messages. I taught spirits how to communicate with me in my own way. I may receive images, memories from my lifetime to tell their story, smells, sounds, sensations, their emotions and feelings, and I say and sketch all these communications as they flow.

This is quite easy to do over video as well, as long as I can see your face and over both shoulders, I can easily communicate with spirits. I read for people all over the world via different video platforms and have given approximately over 2,500 readings now in 18 different countries.

Many variables are at play during readings, such as how open-minded and open-hearted the readee is at that moment, how intense their grief is, how strong the spirits regret is, shame, embarrassment. Sometimes these communications are cryptic and difficult to convey or understand. Usually the readee comes to understand these messages over time.

A spirit may show themselves so translucent I only see their silhouette, sometimes they’ll appear opaque and in full color. Readings with me can only be as clear and meaningful when these many variables are aligned.

I see death a little differently than most. When my beloved grandmother passed, about seven days later she was
right back by my side and continues to be so.

The reason I’ve answered this calling is to help people heal. To reconnect people with their loved ones in spirit, to help bring clarity to their lives now and the path they’re on - through their spirit guides who often communicate during readings as well.

Commission Spirit Portraits
Taking commissions to depict a person's Spirit Guide, Animal Spirit guide or Guardian Angel is one of my favorite things in life to do. The commissioner makes the down payment, asks their guide to manifest for me to capture…and the wait begins. I never know where or when they’ll appear in front of me. One time it happened in the bathroom stall at a civic center, another time in the grocery store. Mainly, it happens in my home and I quickly grab the drawing board and draw or paint as fast as I can. Spirits only stay present for seven to twelve seconds maximum…so completing just one portrait can take months and months to complete. I only sign my name when I’ve captured their image so well that what I’ve drawn or painted is exactly how the spirit appeared to me. To date, I’ve completed over 400 of these highly sought-after, labor-of-love portraits. I’ve spent up to forty hours on just one portrait. Each are completed one pencil stroke, one brush stroke at a time.